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ImageThe Boeing, Raytheon, DirecTV Employee Club was founded in 1999 in El Segundo, CA. Classes started as a form of exercise, self-confidence building and stress relief for employees after work. The club provides training in traditional martial arts technique, with an emphasis on personal growth. Students improve physical fitness, achieve mental alertness, reduce stress and gain a positive attitude.

Classes consist of stretching, body conditioning, and self-defense techniques such as kicking, blocking, striking, and grappling. The program is designed for all levels of athleticism and martial arts experience. The training encourages teamwork and personal responsibility in a safe, disciplined and respectful environment. The training is appropriate for the age of the student and includes limited, controlled physical contact.

Club members receive affordable instruction from an internationally certified 7th degree Black Belt.Training is open to employees, their family members and companies related to Boeing. It is actively supported by the Boeing company Recreation Division and the local Wellness organization as an employee benefit and as a service to the community.

Class Hours
Tuesday and Thursday
5:30pm - 7:00pm

Class Location
Boeing Employee Activity Center

Building S30, Rm A3101
2260 E. Imperial Hwy.
El Segundo, CA 90045

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