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Lauren (Goltz Judo) & Ava (AMK)
Throughout the year, the AMK trains outside of the dojang to give the students a more holistic training approach. The following are activities that have occurred over the years. The AMK believes that training should not be confined to a gym only, but to branch out to see a different perspective on martial arts. Training such as pool training, gives resistance training, without the risk of injury. Beach Training allows the students to test their skills in nature and to also become in harmony with nature as well. Many activities are reoccurring activities and happen several times a year...


Beach Training - Usually takes place once a year around July or August. Often other schools are invited to join in.

Tournaments - A few times a year. Usually in May and November. These are tournaments that give solid competition while being consistent with safety. The tournaments our competitors are allowed to compete in have matted rings, electronic scoring, and use the match numbering system (MNS).

Referee Clinics - These clinics focus on the basic as well as the in depth technical aspects and scenarios of competition. These clinic have become essential are required to be attended by Blue Belts and above.

Pool Training - Varies a few times a year. Pool training will usually take place in the event that the regular class cannot take place. However, there are exceptions and pool training can happen at any time.

Demonstrations - Varies and happens sometimes without notice. The demos comprise of all students and not only a special "Demo Team." Students must always be ready to demonstrate because sometimes there is no preparation time. How does a student become prepared for a demo? Take their training seriously and practice, practice, practice.

Field Trips/Special Training - Field trips can vary and sometimes they include watching a film or a special get together. Special Training is not frequent, and is usually a visit to another school or another school/instructor coming to visit. These Special Training opportunities should not ever be missed if at all possible. The training is usually exceptional and hard to explain to those that missed. make it a priority to make these Special Training events.
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