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Image We were very pleased with this 8-hour Comprehensive Ref and Tourney Management Seminar. This time, we covered everything, but it still could have been in more depth. Even though this is vacation time and there was a Las Vegas Championship, we had quite a few experienced AMAC Refs in attendance, so we were able to have more sophisticated discussions and Q&A. We really expanded the practical training this time and spend about 2 hours on simulated matches using RingMaster (RM) and running our scenario training.

More importantly, we used this session as a major “train-the-trainer” activity. Several of our most experienced AMAC Refs conducted full sections of the class curriculum. They did a great job on each section; as each was well prepared in advance of the class. Now, we finally have a cadre of trained instructors to carry forward the AMAC Ref vision into NoCal where the demand has been strong for several years. Please contact Master Dave Johnson in Fresno to arrange for training.

Rob SBN teaching RingMaster
As a result of this session, and suggestions from our IR advisors, I have begun to restructure the class into three separate courses—beginner, intermediate and advanced. I do not want to get too far away from the concept in which we train in a holistic manner, but we just need to have more time to work on different aspects. RingMaster and TournamentMaster (TM) training was well received, so we will have a more in-depth class on both in a few months.

Also, the WTF Poomsae training was well received, but I could not devote enough time to the use of the new RM Poomsae module. It sounds like everyone would like to see a 2-hour class just to cover that subject alone. I would want to work with Dr. Misha Thackrey, whose Poomsae course is comprehensive, to ensure that our training remains as a supplemental overview focused on competition officiating.

Lisa SBN explaining how to CR
The Referee and Tournament Management Handbook, created by Master Lisa S. Amsell, was a big hit. Several Refs purchased it or updated their current version. It is really loaded with information, and now we reference sections in the handbook right on the class slides. She really invested a lot of time in creating the second edition and got lots of support from our IR advisors and Master Jay Ferguson. I introduced our new Referee Contract to all of the class participants. I have asked them for inputs before it is finalized.

Finally, we met with Prof. Zambetti prior to the class, and he feels that the Ref program is now strong and moving forward. Therefore, as our next major initiative, he enthusiastically endorsed the plan to add the Match Numbering System (MNS) to the RM/TM suite. The AMAC advocates standardizing on Jay Ferguson’s tool suite as the best system for local tournament management. We are working with Jay to develop and strengthen its capabilities for handling our needs. -JLA & LSA

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