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ImageThe AMK offers three programs that are avaiable to students. The programs are the La Palma Community Center, The Boeing/Raytheon/DirecTV Employee's Club, and the Women's Self-Defense and Empowerment Course (WSDC).

The La Palma Community Center program is open to students ages 10 and up. Sometimes younger students are allowed, please contact Master Amsell for further information. These classes typically run once a week on Saturday.

The Boeing/Raytheon/DirecTV Employee's Club is open to the employees of the aformentioned companies. These classes are held twice a week in El Segundo. This location is also the site of several activities in conjunction with the La Palma Community Center such as Special Training sessions and the WSDC.

The AMK conducts a special series of Women's Self-Defense and Empowerment seminars twice a year. These seminars are very focused and intense. They are presented in one eight hour session which includes a lunch. The classes are taught by women for women. The seminar is 75% psychological conditioning and 25% physical techniques.

Since 1988, the program has taught women to successfully avoid and survive assaults. Our program is endorsed and supported by local police and civic groups. We are very proud of this highly-rated and popular facet of our training program.

Our Training Program helps you...
  • Become fit by learning vigorous and safe exercises
  • Feel more confident to overcome challenges
  • Feel secure by learning self-defense skills
  • Make friends with others who share your goals
  • Have fun in exciting training and group activities
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