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ImageThe history section is divided into two main parts. The first part is the chronological history. This includes a comprehensive AMK history from 1972-present. It also includes history before the AMK was known as the AMK and known as the HP Moo-Do Club in the early 70's.

The second part is the AMK Newsletter which were in publication from 1989-1995. The AMK Newsletter came into existence partially because Master Amsell left the California State Taekwondo Association (CSTA), where he published the CSTA Newsletter from 1985-1987. Readers of the CSTA Newsletter wanted more technical information, and the AMK Newsletter was their new source for technical information as well as information for the students. Over the years, subscribers have asked for previous issues or duplicates of certain issue, but there were no extras issues.

Now, for the first time, the newsletters are back in their entirety in a digital medium that makes them now easily accessible and able to be enjoyed again by some and for the first time by others.
HP Moo-Do Club 1974

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