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ImageMoo-Do is the Korean term for martial art. That means that we study and teach techniques of a military or fighting nature. At the same time, these techniques have an aesthetic component. There are many ways of fighting known in the world, but it is the special quality of mental development that offsets the oriental martial arts from its relatives

Many oriental martial arts techniques resemble dances to the uninitiated. So, the oriental martial arts, without the mental component, could become a dance rather than an effective method of combat. American in our name refers to the synthesis of American values and the qualities gained from traditional oriental philosophies.

Our system advocates the original principles established by Grandmaster Chan-Yong Kim of the Oriental Moo-Do School system. That is: the study of all oriental martial arts is of value. This is regardless of style, technique or nationality; as long as the martial art is studied in its entirety. By this; we mean that a full appreciation of the techniques and philosophy of each system must be our goal. We study Korean and Japanese martial arts for consistency, but we must accept all traditionally taught oriental martial arts as being of worth.

Our system advocates the belief that adherents of the oriental martial arts must develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is our intention to provide students with the most comprehensive program of instruction possible. The objective is to develop a complete person-one of physical strength, moral character and spiritual insight. Oriental martial arts offer this opportunity to each and every person.

We are dedicated to the teaching and dissemination of this traditional form of oriental discipline. Oriental ways of teaching need to be preserved. Our instructors pledge to guide students to their greatest accomplishments through the study of oriental martial arts.

Jack L. Amsell
January 1, 1988

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