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Training in Taekwondo, Judo/Jujitsu, Aikido, Hapkido, Kendo 1986-present

Competed in 11 tournaments all in Kyrougi (sparring) and placed 10 times, 1987-1996

Teaching experience, 1991-present

Corner Judge, 1989-present

Senior Instructor (under Master Amsell): American Moo-Do Kwan, 1992-present

Center Referee, 1993-present

Co-Instructor in the Women's Self-Defense & Empowerment Course, 1994-present

Web Designer/Webmaster: American Moo-Do Kwan Website, 2005-present


Student of the Year from American Moo-Do Kwan, December 22, 1990.

Participant: Los Angeles Dodgers Korean Family Day Demonstration for Master Kwang Bae Kim (362 demonstrators, major media coverage, national TV coverage), September 4, 1991.

Dedicated Instructor from American Moo-Do Kwan, May 15, 1992.

Feature article in the La Habra Star newspaper 1996. 

Nominated for California State Games Athlete of the Year in Taekwondo in 1996.

Referee Support from American Moo-Do Kwan, December 17, 2005.

Regional Referee (D3) from USA Taekwondo, April 22, 2006.

Referee Professionalism Award from American Moo-Do Kwan, December 9, 2006.

Taekwondo Training History

2/18/86 Began martial arts at the Oriental Moo-Do School, Artesia, CA. Instruction by Grandmaster Chan-Yong Kim. Learned Taekwondo/Yudo/Hapkido.

7/3/87 Promoted to White/Yellow

9/87 Promoted to Yellow

5/24/88 Promoted to Green by the American Moo-Do Kwan, Fullerton, CA. Instruction by Master Jack L. Amsell

10/1/88 Promoted to Green/Blue

12/17/88 Promoted to Blue

4/1/89 Promoted to Blue/Red and Top Performance (Junior)

7/15/89 Promoted to Blue/Red +1

10/27/89 Promoted to Red

2/1/90 Promoted to Red +1

6/8/90 Promoted to Red +2

9/29/90 Promoted to Red +3

12/22/90 Promoted to Red/Black and Student of the Year

5/11/91 Promoted to Red/Black +1

6/4/91 Started to learn Kendo from Master Amsell

6/29/91 Promoted to Red/Black +2

10/28/91 Promoted to Red/Black +3 and Leadership

8/8/93 Started to learn Aikido/Judo/Jujitsu from Sensei Carrasco

12/91-present American Moo-Do Kwan, CA. Instruction from Master Jack L. Amsell

     1st Poom: 12/14/91, #(09) 903825, Thesis: The Art of Breaking
     2nd Dan: 12/18/92, #(09) 903825, Thesis: Being a Black Belt
     3rd Dan: 12/16/95, #(09) 903825
     4th Dan: 12/14/02, #(09) 903825, Thesis: Taekwondo vs. Jujitsu
     5th Dan: 12/09/06, #(09) 903825, Thesis: Tao of Star Wars

Advanced training from Grandmaster Nam-Ku Yun.

Personal History

Fullerton College.  Fullerton, CA.  TV/Video Production major.  AA Degree:  May 1999.

Fullerton College.  Fullerton, CA.  Printing Technology major.  AS Degree:  May 1999.

Currently working on a BFA in Visual Communications (Graphic Design).

Born in Whittier, CA and resides in North Orange County.

Favorite Quote

"A good teacher is never tired of teaching. A good teacher can teach anytime, anywhere."
                                                                                                             -General Choi Hong Hi

"Learning must NEVER cease."

"If the way is made clear, it is not the way."

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