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Why study martial arts?
People have many misconceptions about martial arts training. Some believe that it is for people with a violent or aggressive nature. Others believe that its only value is self-defense. In reality, martial art training is about personal growth. We have students of all ages in our classes. Martial art training is a unique blend of physical fitness coupled with character development. Students gain self-confidence, feel a sense of personal security and have fun.

What do we teach?
Our school features classes from a variety of martial art disciplines. We encourage students to explore the many interesting challenges provided by the systems taught in our school. We have community-based and employee-based clubs teaching Traditional Classes for young people and adults. In addition, there are special courses for Women’s Self-Defense, U.S. Olympic-style Taekwondo competition/officiating and specialized instruction from expert-guest instructors to provide students with broad-based training.

What martial art is taught here?
We do not combine martial arts into a so-called perfect martial art. Rather, we give you a complete understanding of the fundamental principles used by several types of martial arts. Our goal is to give the student a broad base of martial arts knowledge. That way, the student is not limited. He or she can apply various martial arts techniques and principles to a variety of situations.

Am I too old to begin training?
Martial art training is different from many fitness programs. The training is not competitive, so you set your own goals. There are a variety of techniques that range from gentle grace to full-fledged competitive sparring. The goal of martial arts for thousands of years has been to combine physical skill with mental focus. That is why so many of the martial arts masters continue training into their senior years. Martial arts training is the ideal way to relieve and control the stress of modern life.

How long will it take me to get a Black Belt?
Our system encourages you to gain physical skill quickly. However, full proficiency depends upon your own effort and ability. You should be able to attain basic skills and mental confidence in about six months. Reaching Black Belt requires commitment and hard work. Our successful candidates achieve that goal within three to five years. Our Black Belts receive international rank certification after completing a probationary period.

Is sparring necessary to learn martial arts?
Some martial arts such as Tai Chi or Aikido do not require sparring. Most other martial arts do. Since martial arts involve dealing with an opponent, it is necessary to practice in conditions similar to an actual confrontation. In this way, you learn about reactions, timing, and speed.

What are the chances of getting injured?
The chance of getting injured is very small since the training is constantly supervised with safety in mind. Mats are used when grappling arts are practiced. Also, protective gear is required by all sparring students. This reduces the chances of injury even further.

Will martial arts training make my child too aggressive?
At this studio, children learn that a marital art is not an act of violence, but an art of how to handle themselves in a problematic situation. Aggression should be channeled into assertiveness to increase a child's self-esteem and build discipline and character.

Can I use the techniques that I learn to defend myself?
Naturally, self-defense is one of the most common goals given by new students. However, self-defense is not just physical techniques. Successful self-defense is more often related to feelings of self-confidence, mental alertness, and fearlessness. These are the areas that we emphasize. There are many martial arts schools that teach technique without mental preparedness, and their students pay the price if attacked. Our programs focus on the development of those skills that are most effective. Sometimes, the best form of self-defense is to learn to make everyone your friend.

How many instructors do you have?
The Chief Instructor is 7th Degree Black Belt Master Jack L. Amsell. He supervises all classes. His Senior Instructor is 5th Degree Black Belt Master Lisa S. Amsell. Additionally, there are several Assistant Instructors. All instructors are internationally certified and are happy to answer your training questions.

What makes this school special?
Our school is best known for the depth and quality of the instruction. We believe that martial arts are best suited for personal growth. We strive to produce people of good character. Our students are proficient in many aspects of martial arts. We have students who are tournament champions. Our Women's Self-Defense and Empowerment program regularly receives acclaim from women's activist groups, educators and police. We have the strong support of parents for our programs teaching community and family values to the young. Most importantly, we have the loyal support of our members in our many special activities.
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